Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids need to learn about Evolution Creation

I love dinosaurs and I always have since age 2. Every book and museum I visited would teach me false information on them. As a Christian we need to know the truth. I remember when I went to a Christan school they had no idea they where teaching Evolution. So many parents let their kids read books and go to school to learn about dinosaurs but don't spend any time really telling them what the bible has to say about them. This is when they are lost and start to believe evolution..

question 1:

Did dinosaurs turn

into birds?



Creation scientist is easy:

birds were made on day 5

dinosaurs were made on day 6

Evolution is where we have a problem. We run into problems like this:

warm-blooded vs. cold-blooded

bird-hip vs. lizard-hip

feathers and scales are dissimilar

origin of flight

Archaeopteryx true bird, is older than "feathered" dinosaurs

explain to me these.

Genesis is clear that God didn't make birds from dinosaurs. In fact dinosaurs (land animals day 6) came AFTER winged creatures on Day 5.

So if you eat chicken don't worry your not eating mutant dinosaurs.