Monday, February 16, 2009

Do your kids a favor

Don't teach them about Noah's ark and show them pictures of a cute little boat filled with cute little animals that looks like it's about to sink. Tell them about the real thing how big it was. It's not a fairytale.
Come on do you expect them to believe a story when they see a picture like that?'s_ark.htm
I will be visiting the institute for creation research next month. There I will research the evidence for the flood and share it on this blog. My mom got a hotel for us to stay in too.

Also I am a memeber of Kids for truth check out this new video on Lady Lucy.

Darwin you may be 200 years old this year and I am only 9. How will it feel to be proven wrong by a 9 year old?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ear wax

Have you ever tasted ear wax? I made my sister and she says it's sour. There's a reason, God made it that way. It did not just happen over time, God is so wise he even made ear wax cool!