Friday, July 17, 2009

If you have a pulse you have a purpose!

You know Darwin influenced the world. He was just one man and look what he did. He did do a good job but in a bad way. He didn't believe a God existed because of the bad things that happened in his own life. But what he didn't understand is that it's not God fault bad things happen. It is because of man's sin and because Adam disobeyed God and now there is sin in the world. Because there is sin now we are separated from God. Good news people God can Erse our sin by his blood. I disagree with Darwin and want to prove him wrong by collecting facts on how their must be a creator. Darwin never proved anything really. Darwin also struggled with the human eye. He admitted that the human eye was too magnificent that it had to be created not just by accident. He just ignored it, this is where I step in. This is my mission. Watch out world!

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